A Message from the World Liberty Congress – Middle East and North Africa Regional Group

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict has long been a source of turmoil in the Middle East and beyond, polarizing political landscapes worldwide. This ongoing strife is neither normal nor acceptable. It is imperative for the international community to adopt a proactive approach to bring an end to this conflict.

We urge concerted efforts to ensure that this is the last year marred by bloodshed in a land millions of people in the region and around the world consider to be holy. We advocate for increasing distribution of humanitarian aid flowing to Gaza without interruptions, and we call for the immediate release of all hostages held by Hamas and all political prisoners held by Israel, including Marwan Barghouti and those in administrative detention.

Difficult decisions need to be made. Terrorism is not acceptable. Continued occupation is not acceptable. Violence must be renounced, and peace talks must begin now.

We are building the Congress as a legitimate and democratic institution with shared principles and mission, representation of all countries under autocratic regimes and clear governance structure.
The Congress will meet every year for the annual General Assembly with the intention to become an alternative voice to autocratic regimes.