WLC present at the Platform for African Democrats in Cape Town

World Liberty Congress members, Tanele Maseko, Carine Kanimba, Gladys Hlatywayo, Bobi Wine, William Amanzuru, Tendai Biti, and Leopoldo López, participated in the event “The Platform for African Democrats”, hosted by Brenthurst Foundation and WLC, in Cape Town.

Tendai Biti, WLC member from Zimbabwe, highlighted that the “fight for freedom
is not a revolution. It is evolution.” Also, Carine Kanimba, elected member of the WLC Executive Council, mentioned that “fighting misinformation with misinformation should not be the strategy of freedom fighters. You must always be on the side of truth.”

World Liberty Congress is a non ideological global alliance, that’s why our Secretary General, Leopoldo López, emphasized that the cause for democracy precedes ideological affiliations. “It’s about democracy vs autocracy. Ideology is a luxury for democrats.”

The Platform for African Democrats will help to strengthen the alliance of activists, political parties and organizations committed to reverse the autocratic trend in the region, and WLC will be an active part of it.

We are building the Congress as a legitimate and democratic institution with shared principles and mission, representation of all countries under autocratic regimes and clear governance structure.
The Congress will meet every year for the annual General Assembly with the intention to become an alternative voice to autocratic regimes.